Fold a Regular Octagon Method I.

octagon from a square

When I first pondered folding a regular octagon. I immediately thought, "How simple. Start with a square piece of paper and fold the corners in." But once I tried it, I realized that the difficulty with this approach is knowing how far to fold the corners. This project shows you another method altogether.


  1. Start with a square piece of paper
  2. fold diagonalsFold the square in half along both diagonals to find the middle of the square. Open.
  3. fold corners inFold all corners so they meet in the middle. Open.
  4. fold angle bisectorsFold an angle bisector of the angle formed by the creases you just made and the edges of the paper.
  5. octagon made by creases in paper These creases form a regular octagon.


  • I hope the term "angle bisector" didn't confuse you. When you fold an angle in half, the crease cuts the angle in half, i.e. bisects the angle. The way to make this fold is to fold the edge along the crease.