Double Möbius Strip

 double Möbius strip

Here is a twist (pun intended) on the Möbius strip. Take two strips of paper, twist them, and tape the ends together. In this photo, I placed a red strip of paper between the two strips to show that there is a gap between the two strips all the way around the double Möbius strip. Yet, not is all as it seems. Be prepared for a surprising result.


  1. Cut two long strips of paper.
  2. Stack them on top of each other.
  3. Tape the ends together to form a loop with a half-twist before you tape them.
  4. Verify that the two strips are really independent by either placing a third strip between the other two or passing a pencil between the strips all the way around the loop.
  5. Open the two loops for a surprising result.
  6. Try to reassemble the strips to their original configuration.