Cubic Move Form

different configurations of the move form

This model can transform into different 2D and 3D shapes. It is really worth making this model and playing around with it to see how it moves. This "move form" was invented by Hiroshi Tomura.


  • Flexible plastic sheet. I used a plastic file folder.
  • Eyelets and eyelet setter or miniature brads.
  • Hole punch to match the diameter of the eyelet or brad.


  1. Cut 12 strips from plastic 15 mm × 80 mm.
  2. Punch small holes in both ends.
  3. 1135-s03Assemble the pieces as shown. The order of the pieces at each joint is shown. The topmost piece is labeled "1." Do not set the eyelets too firmly. The pieces should still be able to pivot freely.