Hinge from Miter to Gnomon

miter to gnomon

Here is a very simple model with surprising results. Tape two pieces of paper shaped like a miter together (the shape on the left) along the slanted edges. Can you imagine how this set-up can be transformed into a gnomon (shape on the right)? You have to try it believe it.


  1. Cut two pieces from the pattern and crease along the fold line.
  2. tape the pieces along the slanted edgeTape the two pieces together along the slanted edges shown in the diagram. The printed patterns should be on the outsides.
  3. hinge from gnomon to miterHold the pieces so you are looking at the model edge-on. Slowly pull open the two vertical edges. As you pull the model open, the piece starts to fold along the creases and turn into a gnomon.


  • This model is from a book called "Piano-Hinged Dissections: Time to Fold!" which is filled with models like this that are hinged.