Cutting Patterns with a Paper Cutter

Some patterns have long straight pieces that are easier to cut with a paper cutter. I added crop marks on many of these patters to make it easier to make precise cuts. The crop marks are dotted vertical or horizontal lines that line up with the edges of the pieces on the page.


  1. Trim off the margins of the paper beyond the crop marks by cutting across the crop marks. This cut does not need to be precise it is just to make the crop marks extend to the edge of the paper so you can use them to line up the next cut.
  2. Align the crop marks with the cutting edge of the paper cutter and cut.


  • If you use the crop marks, you don't have to rely on any guide or the grid lines on the base of the paper cutter. I place the paper a few centimeters from back guide so I can line up the marks better.