Alternate Methods of Creating Polyhedral Models

dodecahedron made by taping pentagons together

There are a number of ways to make polyhedral models. The patterns on this web site are geared toward making models that can be folded up and glued along tabs. However, you can also use these patterns as a template to cut out each face and assemble them with tape or glue.


  1. On his website, George Hart describes "no-tab, taping method" where you cut each face separately and tape them together, putting the tape on the inside of the model
  2. George Hart also describes a double-tab method where each face is cut separately with tabs on each edge. The pieces are glued tab-to-tab.
  3. Alan Holden has a great book with hundreds of exquisitely crafted models and a few pages at the back of the book dedicated to explaining how he makes models. He uses cardboard "of the sort used for mounting photographs." He applies glue to edges and glues them together; often gluing two at a time until the glue is dry enough to work keep the pieces together. Then he assembles these units and builds the model up from there.


  • George Hart has a great web site with lots of beautiful sculptures models based on polyhedra. He has a page describing his "no-tab, taping method" and offering model-building tips.