How to Cut out Copies with a Pattern

Follow these steps if you would like to avoid having pattern lines show on your finished model, or if you need to cut out many copies of a piece from one pattern.
If you simply print out a pattern and fold your model from it, the lines from the pattern may be visible on your final model detracting from its beauty. Here are some ways to use the pattern to cut out and fold a second, unmarked piece of paper. These steps also help you cut out many copies of a part from one printed pattern.


  1. Print the pattern onto normal printer paper.
  2. Staple the pattern to the paper you would like to use. Staple many times in the blank spaces around the pieces that you will cut out. This will keep the pattern from shifting as you cut it out.
  3. Transfer key points from the printed pattern to the paper using one of these methods:
    a) Poke a hole through the pattern with a pushpin to mark key points from the pattern.
    b) Trace over the lines on the pattern with a ball-point pen, pressing down heavily as you go. This will leave an indentation on the paper below.
    c) Lay the printed pattern piece on top of the blank piece you cut out and fold them together.
    For some patterns you don't need to transfer any key points because you can see where to fold from the shape of the piece.
  4. Cut out the pieces.


  • You might be able to hide the lines of the printed pattern by simply turning the pieces over and folding the model inside out. Of course, you will need to switch mountain and valley folds.