CutOutFoldUp.com is about the fun, interesting, and beautiful side of math. I chose projects that I thought were nifty. Some projects amazed me when I first saw them. Others struck me with their elegance and beauty. And some illustrate mathematical concepts in a cool way.

Don't just surf through this site. You really should create some of these models. Most are pretty easy to make, can be completed in less than an hour, and require only a few common materials. You cannot get the full effect by looking at pictures—you have to hold these objects in your hands, play with them, and see how they work.

Everything on this site is copyrighted. You may print copies for your personal use and teachers may photocopy materials for classroom use. Please ask me if you would like to do anything more substantial than this.

Laszlo C Bardos

laszlo at cutoutfoldup dot com