Weave a Dodecahedron

woven dodecahedron

You can create this elegant model of a dodecahedron by weaving six strips of paper that have been folded at 36 degree angles.


  1. Cut out the pieces from the pattern out of card stock. Make sharp creases. To make a larger model that might be easier to work with, either enlarge the pattern or make your own strips using the iterative process described in the project Fold Pentagons from Strips of Paper
  2. strip of paper with creasesCrease each dot-dashed line and open the pieces flat again.
  3. position two stripsSet one piece onto another so that the middle triangle's right-side crease lines up with the left-side crease middle triangle below. You can make this model without glue at this stage if you are clever, have patience, and perhaps have a friend to help you. You can try using paperclips to hold things together while you work. If this proves too difficult, you can glue the pieces together.
  4. add third strip Slip a third piece under the first and over the second. Line it up the second piece so that once again, the middle triangle's right-side crease lines up with the left-side crease of the triangle below.
  5. weave fourth strip Repeat with a fourth piece.
  6. weave fifth strip Repeat with a fifth piece, making sure that it alternates over and under other pieces. Let dry. The pentagon you just created will be the top of the dodecahedron.
  7. Bend the pieces down at the creases to start forming the dodecahedron.
  8. Glue the two end triangles of the sixth piece together to form a loop.
  9. Slip the loop over the ends of the pieces so that each piece continues the pattern of over and under. Work the loop up until it forms new pentagonal faces...
  10. Glue two end triangles of one piece together. Weave the other pieces and glue their ends together.